9 05 2008

Those of you who follow the short domain market have probably heard of It has officially launched! Well… kinda. It is in BETA anyway! Fully functional. Many successful auctions have already taken place. I am about to hold my first auction on the site soon. BQB is a safe place for domainers to B/S/T their short names. Anyone who pulls anything funny gets the boot right away. So there is a slim to none chance of getting scammed. The best part? They charge NOTHING in commission. Its true! It is $99 a year. But your first year is 100% FREE! Fellow domainer Reece Berg from 4letternoob is the creator and owner of this site.

I suggest that anyone with a short domain join for free right now. Click right here to do so!

Ty Maier


Auction Results

9 05 2008

The auction was great! Very good buys and sales! I was too late to enter anything into the auction. But I acquired a couple of names through the auction.

My buys: $12.50 – I love this one and the one below. $12.50 $1 – Who couldn’t use a little bit of bland color on their phone? Besides it was $1 lol. $61 – Ummmm… steal? This one I sent to auction btw. You can have a bid at this page.

I was high bidder on 4-5 other lots. But none of them reached the required selling price.

Not too many buys. But it was worthwhile. 🙂

Ty Maier

Big Domain Sales This Week!

8 05 2008

There were two very noticeable domain sales this week.

The first:
A great name. It sold for a whopping €1,000,000 ($1,533,180)! Big money! I am guessing that the site will be sports related. Seems best fit that way… to me. Yes, it is a But it should obviously be taken as a short one word .com name. It is definitely a gem. A great sale for the seller!

The second:
Also a stunning name. It sold for a record breaking $600,000 (USD). The highest ($$$ money wise) sale for a .CA domain name… EVER! So what does this mean for .CA? Well, the .CA extension has been gaining ground in value over the past 6-9 months. I think this a huge milestone for .CA. I do not personally own a .CA name at this time. But I plan on purchasing and registering a few of them because of this.

Domaining Daily,
Ty Maier (pronounced May-er)

Sale source from

NamePros Auction on Thursday

7 05 2008

Its…………. AUCTION TIME!!!!!!

On May 8th, Thursday, Ron James from will be hosting an auction on his site. There are 98 lots in the auction from what I have seen. This is the first time in a long time that I have not put something in a NamePros auction. But I do plan on buying. I am pre-bidding on 15-20 of the lots right now. Click here to see.

Auctions are great because you can always find at least 1-2 bargains at them. Obviously it is rare when the bidding does not go higher than the pre-bidding so you will not be getting any bargains that way. But I do pre-bid on every single domain name that I want to purchase at the auction. Why? Because the higher the price of the pre-bid, the lower the name will rise in price at the auction. The less people that bid on it, the less there will be an emotional draw to bidding on the name. And if the price is already just a tad bit above the bargain price, there will be less of a bidding process on it. It is a tactic I use personally, and it works for the most part. But of course there are always exceptions.

Another thing that is great about this particular auction (though this could be applied heavily outside of the auction arena) is that there are about 20 bulk lots in the auction. If you buy in bulk and then resell individually you will make money almost every time. The more names that come in the lot the better! People will sell below fair market value if the can sell you 300 names, guaranteed. I do this online as well as offline. For instance: I bought a package of used turf equipment and a backhoe from a golf course. I spent $3,500 total on the 15 pieces that I purchased. I resold them at an auction for $7,700. Not too bad of a gig eh?

Anyways, thats all I have to say today!

Domaining Daily,
Ty Maier At Auction!!!!

6 05 2008 is going to hold at auction on May 22nd through May 29th! No folks, that was not a typo, it is truly the one and only You can visit the details page by clicking here. The reserve is confirmed to be above One Million Dollars, obviously. This is a gem among gems. Think… just brought a whopping $2,700,000 through auction. How much more will bring? I am expecting with all anticipation for it to hit the $5,000,000+ range. This will be an exciting auction to watch. Make sure to place your bid ;-).

I’ll Be Back

3 05 2008

Hello Guys! I am going to be gone in Atlanta, GA for the next three days and due to how busy I will be… I will be unable to post.

But come Monday morning… I’ll be back in action!…. To Renew or Not to Renew?

2 05 2008

May of 2007 had a “$0.99 .INFO Registration Special”. It is now May 1st of 2008 (Hooray!). So that means that all of you guys who bought all of those .INFO’S (like me) have a decision to make. You either have to renew, sell, or drop. I personally made a couple of bad regs last May, who doesn’t for $1.19?

Should you renew them? That depends on the quality… duh lol. I registered “APPROXIMATED.INFO”. Should I renew it? Ummmm, lemme think…… NOOOOOOO! Should I sell it? I couldn’t even give it away it is so bad. Nobody took it because of how bad it was! I suggest selling only your “half-decent” and greater .INFO names. You will just be wasting your time on the junk unless you sell like 10+ of them in one lot (for like $5… maybe). Let the ‘catchers’ go crazy on your lesser quality names if you wish.

Well I guess I got a little off track there. But hey, it was worth the while. Anyways… back to the headline!… To Renew or Not to Renew? That is the question!

The answer???? As you might have guessed… it depends on the quality. As stated earlier, you can either renew, drop, or sell.

No need to drop your’s. People will buy them, willing to renew them. No matter how low quality they are. There are very long term investors out there willing to pay.

Do you have a low quality or Sell them quickly. They are not going to go anywhere as high as the pure premium, and you can still get these cheap. The quality are going to sky rocket in value over the next three years. Save ALL of them for a minimum of 2-3 years if you want a big juicy ROI. is a LONG HAUL game. The short term gain in markets has come to a halt. You could probably double your money if you invested into some quad premium quickly. But that is the only big increase I see happening in the 3-6 months.

That is all I have to say today!

Any comments are welcome! I would like to hear your ideas towards this! 🙂

Ty Maier